Low cost, energy efficient LED Standoffs for Signage and Displays

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Outwater’s LED Standoffs come complete with all necessary mounting hardware to readily bring your signage and display concepts to fruition.
Great for use in stores, restaurants, museums, exhibit booths as well as commercial and residential buildings, Outwater’s LED Standoffs allow for an infinite number of interior display mounting options for a variety of different media including permanent and freestanding displays, signage, directories and art.

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Available in polished and matte chrome, Outwater’s aluminum LED Standoffs have a diameter and height of 1-inch, and can accommodate panel materials up to ½-inch thick.

According to studies, consumer awareness and sales of products rise significantly when highlighted with an appropriate source of lighting, as opposed to similar presentation without being lit under otherwise equal conditions.

Utilizing diminutive LED’s that are integrated in between the body of the standoff and its screw on flat cap as a light source, Outwater Plastics’ new series of LED Standoffs use acrylic or Plexiglas sign holders to which they have been affixed as the medium to diffuse backlit cool white illumination to mounted graphics, posters and promotional messages.

Easy to use, Outwater’s 12-volt LED Standoffs simply plug into an available junction box via an included connecting cable, and derive their power from an optional power supply that can run up to ten LED Standoffs. Outwater’s low cost, energy efficient LED Standoffs consume merely .4 watts per unit, yet produce a 40 lumen, cool white output with an approximate 10,000 hour bulb life. Additionally, with a generous beam spread of 120° combined with a color temperature of 6,000-6,500K and a color rendering index of 70, Outwater’s LED Standoffs feature even light dispersion to ensure that your promotional piece will be uniformly illuminated without any undesirable shadows or scalloping.